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Hope you brought your offline work ethics witcha, LOL!

Complete the free step-by-step video lessons below and you will have a custom marketing funnel online in front of other people interested in the outcome your custom funnel will provide them with (Making You Money Online)

***This is also what I'm doing to provide value (Share My Blessing), make money (Share My Blessing), build trust (Share My Blessing), filter out people (Share My Blessing), almost forgot build my list, create change &... :)  

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Building A Presence
Lesson 1 Duration: Video 95 Min 30 Sec

Creating landers for free that standout and drive interested people to your offers.

Lesson 2 Duration: Video 78 Min 41 Sec

Creating pages to increase your income streams and how many of people get your offers.

Lesson 3 Duration: Video 51 Min 41 Sec

Creating video lessons that will provide the freedom to learn at a pace and schedule good for them. 

Lesson 4 Duration: Video 5 Min 01 Sec

Where you can get free custom domain names and what TLS you want to use and why.

Lesson 5 Duration: Video 7 Min 33 Sec

How to connect a custom domain name to almost any free or paid web hosting service.

Lesson 6 Duration: Video 10 Min 11 Sec

How to get your work online so you can start using your custom domain name to see your work.


The Transformation
Lesson 7 Duration: Video 32 Min 03 Sec

How to add "https" to your custom domain name and make it so it everyone uses "https"

Lesson 8 Duration: Video 11 Min 59 Sec

Easily track how every webpage in your funnel is performing, how it's used and more.

Lesson 9 Duration: Video 81 Min 51 Sec

Take the time insert your income streams and to make sure everything works.


Targeted Exposure
Lesson 10 Duration: Video 12 Min 33 Sec

How to track which of your advertising sources are producing and which are not producing... 

Lesson 11 Duration: Video 26 Min 55 Sec

Strategies to drive interested people to your custom web pages using text advertising

Lesson 12 Duration: Video 12 Min 08 Sec

How to get traffic directly to your Custom URL. The easiest way to get infront of targeted visitors.

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